Part 2: What does networked learning look like?

Each person in the group selects a hobby they have always been interested in learning.
As a group, use any resources at your disposal to learn how to do each person's hobby. As you're researching think about:
  • Is anyone else in the world interested in this same hobby? Is there a community of learners collaborating and communicating about this hobby?
  • Is this something you could learn on your own in your current host country?
  • Can you learn without an "in person" teacher?
  • What's different about the way you could learn your hobby through these connections than the way we learn in schools today?
  • Could/should/would this type of experience have an impact on the educational system we have today?

Examples of networked learning in action:

A. Authors
B. Designers
C. Architects
D. Athletes
E. Technical Writers